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Fondant Hydration Essentielle

Fondant Hydration Essentielle

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Light, moisturizing conditioner with Manuka honey and ceramide for curly and frizzy hair. Provides light hydration to curls without weighing them down and gently untangles even the most stubborn knots. Use the complete Curl Manifesto routine to achieve natural, voluminous curls that are perfectly defined and beautiful, while reducing frizz.  

  • Benefits

    Gently untangles even the most stubborn knots
    Moisturizes curls without weighing them down
    Reduces frizz and helps block unwanted humidity
    +80% Nutrition* / Hydration (EU)
    +38% softness* (EU) / Hydration (USA)
    +98% detangling / very curly hair (type IV)*
    2x brighter*
    Immediate protection against frizz and humidity.
    Up to 24 hours* of protection against frizz and humidity
    +54% curl definition*
    *Instrumental test after the fondant application.

  • Application

    Take a generous amount of product depending on the length and thickness of the hair. Apply to damp hair after removing excess water. Distribute from the ends and work your way up, massaging the hair. Leave on for 3 to 5 minutes depending on the thickness of the hair. Emulsify and rinse with plenty of water.

  • Ingredients

    Curl Manifesto presents an expert formula that combines science and luxury with Ceramide and precious Manuka Honey.
    Ceramide is an ingredient, developed after 4 years of research, that fills in cracks and strengthens weak hair from within, improving the hair's ability to retain vital moisture. Manuka Honey is a powerful natural honey from New Zealand, ultra-rich in micronutrients that provides extra hydration and restores shine.

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