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Jeunesse Serum

Jeunesse Serum

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Serum Jeunesse is a treatment for thinning and gray hair. Provides pigment to gray hair, enhances the roots and magnifies volume while restoring the softness of youthful hair. 

  • Benefits

    • Compensates for loss of hair quality
    • Protects hair melanin
    • The hair fiber recovers its initial shine and youthful appearance
    • Offers flexible softness and stunning volume
    • Provides density and volume&
    • Provides shine and manageability&
    • Restores the softness of young hair
  • Ingredients

    • Stemoxydine®: Creates the optimal environment to allow interaction between stem cells and thus awakens dormant follicles.
    • A-OX:® Complex: antioxidant complex to prevent the loss of melanin.
    • Ceramides and texturizing polymers&: compensates for the loss of melanin in the hair. Ingredients.
  • Application

    Apply 2-3 dose directly on the scalp section by section. Massage with fingers. Spray 3-4 doses over the length of the hair and comb to distribute the product evenly. Do not rinse. Blow-dry hair to activate treatment. Dosage: 15 dosage for short hair and 20 dosage for long hair.

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