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Nectar Thermique

Nectar Thermique

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Nectar Thermique is a thermoprotective cream for normal to dry hair. Protects dry hair from blow-drying and heat styling damage, leaving hair soft and easier to style.

  • Benefits

    • Protects dry hair from blow-dry damage
    • Facilitates combing
    • Polishes the surface of the hair
    • Anti-roughness and anti-opacity action
    • Nourishes the hair fiber
    • hair is shiny
    • Brilliant and perfect finish
  • Main ingredients

    Iris Royal Complex:

    • Royal jelly extract: rich in nutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and lipids) for greater softness and a shine-enhancing action.
    • Iris rhizome extract: protects hair from oxidation and prolongs nutrition.
    • + Xylose: thermoprotective properties.
  • Application

    Apply a hazelnut-sized amount of Nectar Thermique to clean, conditioned, towel-dried hair. Massage through lengths and ends, then continue drying using a blow dryer or thermal styling device. Stop acting.

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