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Masque Cicaextreme

Masque Cicaextreme

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This mask for bleached hair intensely strengthens the fiber structure to rebuild post-bleached hair. Intensively hydrates and strengthens hair. With This duo mask of hyaluronic acid and oily Edelweiss extract, it improves the fiber's resistance to prevent breakage, making it more manageable and easy to untangle. Suitable for very sensitized blonde hair, to achieve a healthier uniform fiber. The hair fiber is repaired and gains more strength and shine. 

  • Benefits

    • Pleasant gel-cream texture that intensely strengthens the fiber structure to rebuild hair after bleaching. 94%* stronger and more resistant hair. *Instrumental test, after the application of shampoo + Cicaextreme Mask.
    • Fiber 85%* more hydrated immediately, with 24h* of anti-frizz control.
    • 34%* more resilient hair after 5 applications of Le Bain Cicaextreme + Masque Cicaextreme.
    • Restores hair after bleaching to a healthy fiber.
    • Increases the strength of the fiber to prevent breakage.
    • Reduces post-bleaching damage to the hair surface by 44%* in just one use.
  • Main ingredients

    Main ingredients

    Two powerful active ingredients to care for your blonde hair: hyaluronic acid duo + Edelweiss oily extract.

    An improved version of this essential skincare ingredient, a duo of low and high molecular weight hyaluronic acid. Two different molecules for an enhanced action and a more intense penetration. Hyaluronic acid deeply penetrates the hair and restores the fiber. Intensely hydrates, filling the fiber to recover its strength. El Edelweiss oily extract, extracted from this immortal flower, rich in antioxidants protects hair from daily damage.

  • Application

    Use the Cicaextreme Masque together with the Cicaextreme shampoo.

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