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very fluid

very fluid

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Treatment spray for unruly hair in search of softness and manageability. Unique thermoprotective agents protect hair from frizz and humidity for up to 72 hours. 

  • Benefits

    • More manageability and fluidity
    • Offers anti-frizz protection for 72 hours
    • Easier and faster drying
    • Provides thermo-protection before applying heat
    • Instant smoothness and shine
    • light finish
  • Ingredients

    Morpho-é™ Kératine Complex:

    • Morpho-Constituent Agents + Morpho-Surface Polymer
    • Restores the homogeneity of the hair fiber' and coats the fiber to provide manageability and protection against frizz.
    • Conditioning Agents: reduces the effects of static and frizz.
    • Brightness Booster: brings shine to hair.
    • Xylose: thermo-protective properties.
  • Application

    Shake and apply to towel-dried hair on each strand. Stop acting. Continue with the usual drying.

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