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Cure Densify Homme

Cure Densify Homme

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Cure Densité Homme is a scalp treatment for men who have a noticeable lack of hair density. This hair routine provides density, leaving hair with a thicker appearance.

  • Benefits

    • In 1 mes: Greater thickness, more capillary mass
    • En 3 meses: Hasta 1700 cabellos nuevos*, cabello 5 veces más fuerte, 3 veces más resistente y denso .
    • Hair is visibly thicker
    • The hair texture is stronger, more resistant
    • More mass and thickness
    • Hair density is maintained over time
  • Ingredients

    • Stemoxydine®: Creates the optimal environment to allow interaction between stem cells and thus awakens dormant follicles.
    • Glycan Complex: They provide an instant densifying action to the hair.
    • Vitamins B3, B5 and B6:& increases follicular activity.
    • Texturizing polymers: Acts by densifying the hair fiber instantly.
  • Application

    Apply 1 unit daily for 3 months, either in the morning or at night directly on the wet or dry scalp. Quick drying formula. 1. Remove the upper part of the unit dose. 2. Press the applicator to target the treatment directly onto the scalp. 3. Divide the hair into sections and apply following the orientation in which it is usually combed. 4. Massage the scalp in circles with the tips of the fingers to distribute the treatment evenly and direct it towards the lengths.

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