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Bain Therapist

Bain Therapist

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Bain Thérapiste is a shampoo designed for very damaged and overly processed hair. Coats the fiber in the wash to provide deep revitalization, shine and softness.

  • Benefits

    • Wraps the fiber
    • reduces friction
    • Revitalizes the fiber
    • The fiber is brighter and softer
    • Repair previous damage
    • Protects against future damage
  • Application

    Moisten the hair with a little water. Apply a 10ml dose of Bain Thérapiste (the size of a hazelnut) and work the texture into your hands. Apply first to the length of the hair and the ends. Emulsify, starting at the ends and then working the length of the hair, until the foam forms. Then spread the product towards the roots, working the hair from the bottom up. Massage and rinse, without friction.

  • Ingredients


    • It compensates the proteins associated with keratin (KAP) and reactivates their synthesis.
    • SP 94.
    • 6 amino acids.
    • 1 wheat protein hydrosol.

    Sève de résurrection:  Famous for its regenerative power.

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