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Bain Prevention

Bain Prevention

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Bain Prévention is a shampoo to prevent hair loss with stimulating properties to boost the production of the hair fiber, thicken it and give volume immediately. 

  • Benefits

    • Balances the scalp
    • Preventive solution for hair loss
    • Activates micro-circulation
    • Texturizes the fiber
    • Effect of greater thickness and volume
    • Stimulating properties: boost the production of new hair
    • Embody the hair fiber
  • Ingredients

    • System Pro-Actif: A combination of three active agents
      1. An agent antibacterial to eliminate inflammation
      2. An agent soothing to soothe, relax and regenerate the scalp
      3. An agent regulator that stimulates micro-circulation

    • silicone free formula
  • Application

    Apply to damp hair, massage with fingertips to activate microcirculation.

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