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Master Bain

Master Bain

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Bain magistral is a nourishing shampoo with deep penetration for very dry hair. Its excellent combination of active nourishing ingredients offers deep root nutrition and prepares the hair for treatment.

  • Benefits

    • Eliminates impurities
    • Prepare hair before treatment
    • Soft and delicate to the touch
    • flexible texture
    • radiant shine
    • High manageability
  • Main ingredients

    • Irisome Complex 4600 ppm + Benzoin Resin: 
      The combination of highly concentrated active glyco and exceptional Iris rhizome extract was selected from thousands of plants for its ultra-potent nutritional reserve. Combined with a precious resin secreted from the Benzoin tree capable of recreating its internal nutrition from the core. The ultimate blend of nutrition to deeply nourish the hair most affected by dryness.
  • Application

    Apply to damp hair. Massage. Emulsify. Rinse. Repeat twice.

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