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8 Night Serum

8 Night Serum

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A leave-in night serum that intensely nourishes dry hair for 8 hours for softer, more manageable hair in the morning.

  • Benefits

    8h of nutrition during the night, in combination with the application of Bain Satin 2 + Masquintense.

    Facilitates untangling, avoiding friction from the pillow.

    The hair fiber is softer to the touch.

    The fragrance envelops you and promotes a relaxed sleep and energy in the morning.

    Increases manageability in normal to thick hair.

    Moisturizes without weighing down fine hair.

    Gives definition to curly hair.

  • Main ingredients

    For the first time, your hair is beautiful while you sleep.

    - Iris root extract: nourishes progressively and for 8 hours (reverses the loss of nutrients that occurs during the day and creates a layer of beauty on the hair fiber)

    - Combination of 5 vitamins: seals cuticles with a satin finish (progressive penetration of nutrients and long-lasting permanence)

  • Application

    Use 2 to 4 doses, depending on the length and thickness of the hair. Apply throughout the entire length of the hair and on the ends. To apply to wet hair, towel dry before applying. Style hair as desired overnight. Let the product act. No need to clarify. Reapply as needed to dry hair for an added shot of nourishment overnight.

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